April 5, 2010

On grilled cheese: that which I love more than Gerard Butler.

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I love grilled cheese. I love all kinds of grilled cheese. Sometimes I dip it in ketchup or tomato soup, and sometimes I like it with tomato and avocado on the side. If the grilled cheese is particularly fantastic, I’ll forgo anything but the sandwich itself, in order to retain the purity of the flavor.

grilled cheese

The classic: white bread + american cheese. This pairs well with tomato soup.

Sometimes I like to make grilled cheese in a pan, and sometimes I opt for a panini press. I even have one of those sandwich grilling things that separate the sandwich into two triangles (I love this piece of equipment. It’s fabulous). Pans and presses are fantastic when there is more than just cheese in there, but when the sandwich is simply bread and cheese, the triangle one is ideal. It allows the cheese to pool and ooze in a beautiful, almost poetic way.

Here’s a little Haiku for you, oh grilled cheese, for you are truly the most perfect sandwich in¬†existence.

I love you, grilled cheese

Oozing, cheesy, delighful

I’d die without you.

I’m going to attend the 1st 8th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational, now who’s with me? Tickets are $10 plus $2.40 processing fee. Make sure you sign up to judge. I’m so excited!


April 2, 2010

On garage sale-ing.

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Garage sales might seem like a fantastic idea when you’re staring at heaps of stuff you paid good money for, but simply don’t need anymore. DON’T DO IT. Donate. All at once. And don’t go through your stuff again once you’ve decided to get rid of it; you’ll end up keeping things you already determined toss-worthy. If you thought it was trash yesterday, it’s probably still trash.

garage sale

Never as glamorous as it seems. Plus, no one ever wants to buy books, which is pretty depressing. Even the library won't take books anymore.

Wish me luck in the selling tomorrow (starts at 7 am, and things need to be set up in the morning. Who wants to deliver coffee to me?)