April 4, 2010

On “the queen of planning.”

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:21 pm by Dani

That’s what my mom calls me, but not because I’m so good at organization. I’m really, really not. She likes to say that as a kid I always had big plans for projects and they’d never actually happen. This I remember: I’d have the whole idea ready for action, all the materials gathered, then I’d get bored and move on to my next idea.

I’ve gotten a little better over the years. I still have great ideas that never happen, but at least I don’t fool myself into thinking they will. I’m better about being realistic about what will and will not actually be followed through.

I knew this idea would not be followed through from the start, but it was fun to think about. Maybe one day I’ll be browsing blog archives, see this, and be struck with the desire to make PB&J Sticky Buns! I hope this is the case.


It began on April 2nd, which was National peanut butter & jelly day. I had (what I consider) a brilliant idea. I would make sticky bun dough as per Alton Brown’s instructions, except use less sugar (which means less sweet, but also means the yeast will rise faster, which means less sitting and waiting. Theoretically.).

Then, I would have done the filling by brushing butter on both sides of the dough, and spreading peanut butter first, then jelly.

To make the topping, I planned on figuring out some brilliant and creative way water down jelly. I’d start by playing with mixing it with water without heat, and work from there. I’m not sure what would work at the end, but I’d figure something out. Then I would have sliced a banana, and used it to top the buns.

Maybe one day I’ll have a group of people willing to be open minded about weird foods, and the trifecta will be complete, and I’ll be able to make these things come to life. Holler at me if you’re that group of people! I’d be delighted to make you some PB&J sticky buns.


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