May 14, 2010

On moving locations.

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For the few of you who have been checking back here, I know I haven’t been updatings. However, I just established a new blog at

I hope you guys update your links or feeds and start following me there! I will be periodically transferring my posts from here onto there (with only slight edits).

I’m planning some fun things for my new site, such as “Monday Rants” so I hope you join me over there.

Thank you, and goodnight.


April 13, 2010

On a quick, delicious, and convenient lunch/dinner recipe.

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Seriously. Your average on the go mom (or on the go student, like me) can do this.

My school schedule is such that I’m in school from the afternoon until night. I usually don’t eat before I leave the house, so by 3 I get really hungry. I don’t like buying food from school. Last time I got a sandwich from the coffee shop the list of ingredient was over 2 inches long, in tiny font. Scary, right? So I like to make my own lunches. Problem is, morning before class is when I get all my work done, go to the gym, etc. Even though class starts at 1, I’m almost always rushing to get out of the house.

Conclusion? I like food that’s quick and easy to assemble. I don’t want it to be prepackaged processed food. I’ve come up with several easy meals that can be taken with me, and here is one of my favorites:

First lets talk about what you’ll need. I usually have chicken breasts frozen in the freezer. They sell them in bags at costco, but you can also buy packs from the meat section of your market or at the butcher’s. Just freeze the cuts of chicken separately, that way you can defrost just one if that’s what you need. You’ll also need some spices, or just salt and pepper if you don’t have anything more interesting.

You’ll also need spinach. Of course, fresh, steamed spinach is the best. But lets be honest here: most of the time you’re not going to want to sit there and steam spinach. Also, fresh spinach gets wilted and gross pretty quickly. So for someone like me, who doesn’t buy groceries too often, that’s quite inconvenient. Instead, you can buy frozen spinach. I used the chopped kind for tonight’s dinner.

Lastly, feta cheese. I buy the big containers of feta, and they haven’t as of yet gone bad before I’ve finished it. But I probably eat more feta than your average person. In any case, it doesn’t go bad as quickly as other cheeses.

Lastly, bread. I have these awesome thin bagels that happen to be my favorite bread right now. Any bread will do really.

Okay, ready for some Spinach, Chicken, and Feta Wrap?

-1 Chicken Breast, frozen

-Spices for chicken

-1 cup Spinach, fresh & steamed, or frozen

-1/2 cup Feta

-Optional: A few slices tomato

-1 tortilla

1. In the microwave, defrost the chicken. I usually nuke on defrost (or 50% power) for 2 minutes. Season with seasoning of choice. I used a grilling spice mix usually used on steak. Salt and Pepper would work too.

2. In a non-stick skillet (lubricated, of course) on medium heat, cook chicken for about 2 minutes on each side. Remember that this might vary depending on the heat and thickness of the chicken. Once cooked all the way though, use two forks to shred the chicken. Do this by holding the chicken in place with one fork, and pulling at it with the other fork. If using frozen shredded spinach, throw it into the pan when the chicken is almost done to defrost it. In a bowl, mix the chicken and spinach together with the feta

3. Place tortilla on the skillet and let it grill for about a minute. Remove it from heat and assemble your wrap by adding the filing to the center of the tortilla, adding fresh tomato (optional) and rolling.

I wrap it in a paper towel, then foil over that, and put it in a paper bag. Usually the one wrap is enough for me, but sometimes I’ll throw in a ziplock full of fresh cut veggies if I happen to have any in the fridge.

You can take this with you to work or school. Its easy to prep the night before, or even in the morning if you have 20 extra minutes. I usually make multiple servings of the filling and keep it either in the fridge or freezer for later. That way if I’m stuck on what to take with me to school I can defrost the filling in the microwave and make a quick wrap in 5 minutes.

April 4, 2010

On “the queen of planning.”

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That’s what my mom calls me, but not because I’m so good at organization. I’m really, really not. She likes to say that as a kid I always had big plans for projects and they’d never actually happen. This I remember: I’d have the whole idea ready for action, all the materials gathered, then I’d get bored and move on to my next idea.

I’ve gotten a little better over the years. I still have great ideas that never happen, but at least I don’t fool myself into thinking they will. I’m better about being realistic about what will and will not actually be followed through.

I knew this idea would not be followed through from the start, but it was fun to think about. Maybe one day I’ll be browsing blog archives, see this, and be struck with the desire to make PB&J Sticky Buns! I hope this is the case.


It began on April 2nd, which was National peanut butter & jelly day. I had (what I consider) a brilliant idea. I would make sticky bun dough as per Alton Brown’s instructions, except use less sugar (which means less sweet, but also means the yeast will rise faster, which means less sitting and waiting. Theoretically.).

Then, I would have done the filling by brushing butter on both sides of the dough, and spreading peanut butter first, then jelly.

To make the topping, I planned on figuring out some brilliant and creative way water down jelly. I’d start by playing with mixing it with water without heat, and work from there. I’m not sure what would work at the end, but I’d figure something out. Then I would have sliced a banana, and used it to top the buns.

Maybe one day I’ll have a group of people willing to be open minded about weird foods, and the trifecta will be complete, and I’ll be able to make these things come to life. Holler at me if you’re that group of people! I’d be delighted to make you some PB&J sticky buns.

April 3, 2010

On me, again.

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Yes, the power is out. I’m borrowing (not stealing!) my neighbor’s wireless, and what am I doing with it? Why, making a twitter of course!

You can follow me @waytosomewhere

First person to follow me gets my eternal love!

April 2, 2010

On, well, me.

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I just updated the “about” page. If you’ve been lurking on this blog, perhaps it will give you an idea of what I’m doing here.

March 25, 2010

Sorry guys! Tomorrow I promise.

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New post tomorrow. So tired. Every time I sat down this week to write (after monday, which was when I had all my midterms), I remembered something else I had to do for art class! Tomorrow. You have my word.

But meanwhile, watch this: My two favorite people! Yes, I watch Ellen every day (dvr, people) and you know what? If it was between her and Gerry, I think I would choose to meet her. Because she’s wonderful. If you can, you MUST watch her HBO special entitled Here and Now. It’s absolutely frikkin’ brilliant.

For the record, I support Ellen Degeneres world domination. I want a flag.

March 22, 2010

On over-using phrases.

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I have this one professor who says “if you will” at the end of every sentence. An example I jotted down in class tonight: “There is a band of clouds, if you will, around the equator. These clouds create albedo, if you will.” You know what, Professor? You really need to stop wondering if we will. Because honestly, we students WILL pretty much accept and regurgitate anything you tell us. We want A’s. So to answer your question once and for all: Yes. I will. Please stop asking.