March 23, 2010

On future posts, and also a correction.

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First, and most important: I’d like to retract what I said about Gerard Butler being Irish. I just saw a commercial for him appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show and they discussed that he is SCOTTISH. My bad. Still hot though.

Also, things I’ve already made, with posts coming soon:

  • Donuts (with bacon)
  • Chocolate and Cookie Dough Truffles

Also next week is passover, which means I’m going to be posting some passover-friendly recipes that are AMAZING, and in some cases family recipes. I know I’m going to be making a passover layer cake for my mommy’s birthday, which is going to be a complete experiment since passover cakes tend to be really dense (not at all suitable for layers). We’ll see how that turns out…luckily Costco has some really nice strawberries right now, so if all else fails I’ll make her something strawberry and she’ll be happy.

So stay tuned; there are some exciting things around the corner–I plan on posting the donut shenanigans on thursday.

If you’re looking for some internet entertainment (get your head out of the gutter, I didn’t mean THAT) I suggest you peruse this website. It has nothing to do with anything I’ve talked about on this blog, but they have some cool posts about art that’s going on right now, especially guerilla art and advertising. Modern stuff.


March 15, 2010

On my future boyfriend.

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Just so you know, it was really hard for me to chose a picture (and also really hard for me to stop googling him).

Gerard Butler

I chose this one because he looks Irish in it

Gerard Butler. Need I say more? He established his standing as uber manly man in 300, and made women everywhere swoon every time he spoke with his Irish accent. And also, LOOK AT HIM. Perfection.

Gerard Butler Shirtless

Gerard Butler sans shirt

Don’t care for the manfolk? Fine. His Ugly Truth co-star Katherine Heigl, who I think is ridiculously gorgeous, and funny, and awesome.

Can I be her please? For like, a day?

March 14, 2010

On my choice of a name.

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I considered long and hard how to name myself on this blog. I considered using a username-style alias (waytosomewhere) or something meaningful and clever (Ms. Who). I went though all my dvds and my dvr trying to find a character I identify with. I briefly considered using my real name or my middle name. In the end I settled on Riley. Why? So glad you asked! Let me tell you:

Firstly, and most simply, I just like it. I’ve always had a thing for  androgynous names. Secondly, I heart the Olsen Twins, particularly in their television series So Little Time. And I always liked Riley soooo much better than Chloe. They use these pseudonyms in some of their movies too. One of my favorite scenes from Winning London is the one where Riley is in the air duct, and says to her designated cutie, “the name’s Riley, not ‘kiddo.'” That line has always spoken to me in a cookie-cutter-tweenie-girl movie way.

So Little Time DVD cover. Riley is the on the right.

In conclusion: Androgynous names = good. Olsen Twins = my preteen idols. Riley = the better twin.

And I leave you with this, the best cinematic scene of ALL TIME: